Google and Microsoft bury the hatchet

9545Microsoft and  Google have buried the hatchet and reached a deal to withdraw all the regulatory complaints against each other.

A spokesVole said that Microsoft had agreed to withdraw its regulatory complaints against Google, reflecting our changing legal priorities.

“We will continue to focus on competing vigorously for business and for customers,” he said.

Google said the companies would want to compete vigorously based on the merits of their products, not in “legal proceedings”.

The companies in September agreed to bury all patent infringement litigations against each other, settling 18 cases in the United States and Germany.

“… Following our patent agreement, we’ve now agreed to withdraw regulatory complaints against one another,” Google said.

Google’s rivals had reached out to US regulators alleging that the Internet services company unfairly uses its Android system to win online advertising.

The European Commission also accused Google last year of distorting internet search results to favor its shopping service, harming both rivals and consumers.