Gloves come off at low end of the tablet market

Acer’s move to produce a super cheap seven inch tablet with a price tag of US$99 in the first quarter of 2013 have been matched by Asustek doing something similar.

Asustek’s version is to be US$149 according to Digitimes,  which, while more expensive shows that things are hotting up at the low end of the tablet market.

It also looks like Lenovo and Samsung Electronics are also preparing products with similar specifications and price levels, but are waiting to see what happens to Acer and Asustek first,

Asustek’s 7-inch tablet will be sent to India and China. It will use ARM-based processor from Wondermedia, a subsidiary of VIA Technologies and a touch panel from China-based suppliers.

Acer’s US$99 7-inch tablet will adopt chips from MediaTek and a touch panel from China-based suppliers, and will be manufactured by Compal Electronics, targeting mainly emerging markets.

According to Digitimes, Asustek’s tablet shipments will reach 6.3 million units in 2012 with Google Nexus 7 accounting for 4.5 million units. In 2013, Asustek is set to ship 12 million tablets and with expected 24 million notebook shipments, the company aims to ship totally 36 million mobile devices in 2013 to become the second largest vendor worldwide.

Any battle at the low end of the tablet market can only mean a general reduction in prices for the technology. It is possible that more specialised tablets could be pushed onto the market because they become viable price wise.