GlobalFoundries denies ProMOS fab buy

Global Foundries to acquire ProMOS, a report on Digitimes stated on Friday, has been rebuked by the company today as it denies buying any fabs in the region.

ProMOS, on the other hand, is going through a rough patch after an attempt at restructuring its business. That included the sale of one of its two fabs, while it has been delisted from the Taiwanese stock exchange since September last year and will stop being traded in full in March.

The report claimed that two contenders were bidding on ProMOS, and recent rumours had pinned GlobalFoundries at buying fabs just about everywhere in the Far East. If we were the paranoid sort, we’d think of this info as a controlled leak from a needy company in Taiwan.

Things sometimes get blown out of proportion, from what we have gathered. A spokesperson for GlobalFoundries told us: “This is a dynamic business and we are constantly evaluating options for delivering capacity and technology to meet customer needs”.

GlobalFoundries, in its own words, is just interested on improving its own output rather than snapping up last year’s fabs. “Right now,” the spokesperson added, “we are focused on our current capacity expansion projects in Singapore, Germany and New York”.

The company is currently upgrading its Singapore operation – which it in fact acquired when it took over Chartered Semiconductor – which counts five 200mm wafer fabs and one 300mm wafer fab, while building a brand new facility in Saratoga County, New York.