Global Q3 PC shipments match analyst forecasts

Global PC shipments continued to grow in the third quarter this year, rising seven percent over the last quarter and up 10.3 percent compared to last year.

Despite wide reports of doom and gloom, Q3 managed to keep its head above water, says analyst group iSuppli, to reach 88.1 million units globally. The second quarter of 2010 saw shipments of 82.6 million and it’s a rosey figure compared to last year which had overall shipments of 79.9 million.

This was managed despite warnings from the far East, says iSuppli, and declining components, as well as “mounting concerns over consumer spending”.

All three “major types of PCs” – that is, desktops, notebooks and entry-level servers saw growth on sequential and year-on-year basis for the quarter. Desktop PCs were strongest, with shipments up 11 percent sequentially. iSuppli believes this is thanks to healthy demand in the corporate sector.

While the manufacturers worry about notebook shipments, they still saw growth, four percent sequentially. Shipments were up 15 percent a year earlier, but compared to 42 and 41 percent increases in the first and second quarters respectively, slowed growth highlights waivering consumer confidence. 

* Meanwhile sources at DigiTimes predict that Intel’s Sandy Bridge will make up a massive 20 percent of desktop CPU shipments in the first quarter of 2011 alone. That means a wide push as soon as it’s introduced at the Consume Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January. It’s quite possible that with Sandy Bridge in town spending confidence could receive a boost.