GetJar's CEO: Apple hasn't a leg to stand on

Apple is using its dominance and endless cash to bully smaller companies into bowing down to its demands, the CEO for GetJar has said.

Speaking to TechEye, Ilja Lars has said that Apple’s threat strategy is because it doesn’t have any legal arguments. However, many smaller players feel they must bow down to  demands from the all incumbent company as they are “afraid of the legal costs associated with protecting themselves.”

His backlash against Jobs’ Mob comes as GetJar found a cease and desist popped through the letter box. As it has with others, Apple is demanding GetJar stops using “app store” for its services. It suggested GetJar should use “mobile download service” or an “application download service” instead.

Apple is currently at war with Amazon over its “Appstore for Android“, however, a judge recently refused to issue an injunction blocking Amazon from using the term, which has led Lars to gather that there is no legal backing behind the threats.

He said GetJar’s not going to take any guff.

 “Apple is employing a threat strategy because it doesn’t have any legal arguments, as formally it does not own the trademark. What’s worse is,” he tells TechEye,  “this strategy works, as smaller players who are afraid of the legal costs associated with protecting themselves blink!”

” It is becoming a terrible common industry practice by the larger players. We are not going to take that.” 

“We are not going to comply with Apple’s request. The court’s ruling on Apple vs Amazon in October on the same issue will establish a precedent, so I doubt Apple will make any move on us before that. And I really hope the court’s ruling will be fair and sensible.

 “I hope that this whole experience provide a lesson in logic for Apple: “App” is a common term, short for application as per Wikipedia’s definition. “Store” is a common term for a place where things are sold. English is not my native language, but from what I know, “app store” will then mean the place that sells apps. Just like a toy store.”

And GetJar has an army ready if Apple goes to war, with its faithful developers demonstrating their support.

“Developers heavily support GetJar. The Facebook page that we launched before the weekend already has 700 fans,” said Lars.

He quoted one supporting comment, which read: “I have an 1980s Acorn Archimedes computer in a cupboard somewhere. On Acorn’s operating system, the equivalent of a “Programs” folder was called… “Apps”. So how Apple can even try to claim ownership of that word in the context of software, or even the phrase “App Store” is beyond me.”

In a public announcement, chief marketing office Patrick Mork at GetJar said that the company had been around “long before Steve and co.” He said that the company is not going “to take it’

“Steve Jobs isn’t our dad,” he said.