Germans rule against Apple in video streaming case

old-school-tvA German court has ruled against the fruity cargo cult Apple in a case over video streaming patents.

In 2014, Jobs’ Mob was sued by Kudelski’s OpenTV for nicking its intellectual property. The ruling from the Dusseldorf District Court means Apple products sold in Germany must not use streaming software which infringes OpenTV’s patents.

It is unclear what steps Apple will take to comply with the ruling, or whether it will appeal. Knowing Apple it will appeal.

Kudelski has developed and acquired a range of movie and digital TV technologies over several decades, and became a player in the streaming-video market by virtue of its 2010 acquisition of OpenTV.

The Dusseldorf court said that Kedelski’s claim was  valid and well-founded.

The company is suing Apple in the US and struck a licensing deal with Cisco in 2014, shortly before initiating lawsuits against Apple.