Germans and French negotiate a US free web

It looks like the plans to fire the US as the supreme overload of the web are well underway with the Germans and the French revealing that they are plotting something.

Rumours of the plan started to filter out last week, but over the weekend German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would talk to French President Francois Hollande about building up a European communication network to avoid emails and other data passing through the United States.

Merkel, who visits France on Wednesday, has been pushing for greater data protection in Europe following reports last year about mass surveillance in Germany.

The US really did make a big mistake when it thought it could get away with tapping Merkel’s mobile phone.

Merkel was not amused that Google and Facebook based their operations in countries with low levels of data protection while being active in countries such as Germany with high data protection.

She said that she was going to have a word with France about how both countries can maintain a high level of data protection.

Merkel said that she was going to talk about European providers that offer security for EU citizens, so that one shouldn’t have to send emails and other information across the Atlantic. She wants to develop a communication network inside Europe.

It would not stop US hacking of course, but it would mean that EU data laws would be sacrosanct.

Hollande’s office confirmed that the governments had been discussing the matter and said Paris agreed with Berlin’s proposals.

Germany has been pushing, so far in vain, for a ‘no-spy’ agreement with Washington. The Americans say they own the internet, and probably the world and do not have to do what anyone tells them.