General Electric has a cunning plan for t'internet

General Electric has a scheme to build and expand a machine-to-machine industrial internet.

Yesterday the outfit named networking giant Cisco and fashion bag maker Intel as new partners for the project.

GE said it would also use AT&T’s wireless network to let industrial equipment connect to cloud computing services linked to customers and suppliers.

The plan has slowly been coming out since June when GE announced that it was using Amazon Web Services, the cloud arm of e-commerce giant, to process data gathered from industrial machines.

The next state of the plan is to work with Chipzilla to embed cloud-based, standardised interfaces within a data management system called Predix. Predix was developed by Accenture and Pivotal Labs.

GE CEO Jeff Immelt said that the company wanted to develop more predictive software, which can be loaded into hardware with sensors that constantly measure performance.

This will mean that customers can see major productivity gains and tackle inefficiencies with a factory or across an entire company.

GE predicts that setting up an industrial Internet could save $20 billion a year, although it did not say who would make the savings.

However it is chanting the same mantra which Intel has been muttering about the “internet of things,” although in this case it is looking at its industrial rather than consumer uses.