Gay developers boycott Mozilla over new CEO

A gay developer couple is calling for a boycott of Firefox after it appointed Brendan Eich as its CEO.

According to developer Hampton Catlin, Eich was a key opponent of those who wanted to allow homosexual marriages in the United States.

They point to his $1,000 donation in 2008 to help Prop 8, which would have prevented civil partnerships going ahead. Eich responded on Twitter when the donation was revealed “Mozilla has no say in employees’ contributions. CA law requires donors to list employer”. In other words, this is his view and nothing to do with the company.

Writing in his bog, Catlin said that there are great people at Mozilla, and that lots of people there want the org to be open and supportive.

“The board could have chosen any of those other, awesome people at Mozilla to be CEO. Out of all the possible candidates they could have chosen, they chose Brendan Eich. CEO’s are extremely important to an organisation. Their ideas, beliefs, philosophies, and personalities drive organisations. And, when it’s an organisation that I’m personally investing in, it’s even more important,” he said.

Eich was probably chosen by the board because he was the inventor of JavaScript, and developer hero and it did not take into account his thoughts on sexuality, which it probably thought were none of anyone’s business.

Catlin insists that he is not judging people who use Firefox, work at Mozilla, or even support Brendan’s right to his opinions.

“It’s fine that you think I shouldn’t judge his opinion. (This is getting confusing). However, this particular subject is not one that is negotiable to us. We are personally affected by his actions,” Catlin said.

Catlin said that it was not Eich’s belief that hurts him, was that he did something about them and donated to a cause that directly negatively affected Catlin, personally.

“It’s not abstract. It is not a witch-hunt. He’s certainly allowed to have his opinion, of course, but I’m allowed to judge his actions of supporting the cause financially,” he said.

They want a boycott until Eich is fired.