Gates slashes kids out of will

Software King of the World Sir William Gates III is not going to divide his mountains of wealth between his kids when he croaks.

While he is apparently sitting on an estimated fortune of more than $44 billion it seems his kids are not going to get the chance to be the Paris Hiltons of their generation.

According to the Sun, Gates said that he wants to spend his billions defeating poverty.

He added he didn’t think it was a good idea to give the money to his kids as this would not be good for them or society.

Gates, 54, said his three kids will not miss out on their inheritance entirely, it will just not be a meaningful percentage.

At the moment he is working out how to set the number so that they still need to work is proving a bit tricky.

We guess they will comfortable unless they spend it on drugs, fast living and Apple products.

Since launching the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, more than $29 billion has been spent on vaccines for more than 250 million children, and Gates is credited with preventing the deaths of five million people.