Gartner tells businesses to retrain their IT staff

Gartner has announced that IT workers will have to retrain in areas such as law, marketing and even librarianship to survive in the coming years.

Speaking at the Gartner Business Intelligence Summit in London, vice president of Gartner Research, Debra Logan presented a session discussion entitled ‘New job titles your business needs’. During this session, Logan predicted that a major trend in IT job roles will force IT professionals to retrain with skills in

According to Logan’s research, the volume of data that companies are amassing is growing. She pointed out a gap that was emerging between the amount of data and its perceived value. Essentially, the more data from customers, employees, suppliers, etc, the less valuable that data is perceived to be.

“Companies are drowning in data,” Logan said, during her speech. “By 2012, users will install 6.5 times the terabytes that they installed in 2008, but companies are still unwilling to delete anything.”

This has created a skills gap in IT as new roles must be created to control the data. Logan feels that the only solution to this is retraining existing staff to create four new roles.

These so called ‘hybrids’ are litigation support managers (legal and IT hybrids), digital archivists (librarian IT worker hybrids), business information managers (IT workers with business training, or vice versa) and enterprise information architects whose job would be to create fixed structures and processes for file creation and templates of documents.

These new job roles are necessary, according to Ms Logan, as Gartner believes that by 2012, 20 per cent of businesses will have no IT assets.

“Business Intelligence is huge right now and everyone is talking about it,” says Whitaker IT staffing consultant, Patrick Montesanto. “IT professional constantly need to keep themselves current on the most recent developments in technology.

“This is becoming more and more important as I believe the turnover in technology happens much more quickly than ever before”