Gaddafi frees Microsoft manager

Software giant Microsoft has confirmed that one of its managers, Khalid Elhasumi, has been freed by the Libyan authorities.

We reported how Elhasumi had been held by Libyan authorities in Tripoli since March 19 soon after protests and then civil war broke out in the embattled North African nation.

The speculation was that the Libyans believed he was spying. This is a good bet as they tend to think that anyone who is not offering themselves as human shields to protect Gaddafi from NATO jets is a spy.

Vole said that it worked through several different international organisations to secure Elhasumi’s release.

However Microsoft is not saying why Elhasumi was arrested, or how it secured Elhasumi’s release. Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos told Seattle Pi  that he had no information to share other than the confirmation. It’s probably under NDA.