Fujitsu might sue over iPad

Lawyers at the mobile phone maker Fujitsu are mulling over whether they should take Apple to the cleaners for releasing a product which they have applied for a trademark.

Hacks at AFP did a bit of a shifty and found that the name iPad has been used in small engines and bra inserts. Coconut Grove Pads has since 2007 made a line of bra inserts and shoulder pads called the “iPad” (see snap).

But it is the case of Fujitsu which might have left Jobs’ Mob feeling a right tit.

Fujitsu said that in 2002 it launched the “iPad” which was a handheld multimedia device with a 3.5-inch screen, used by retail store clerks to keep inventory data, scan barcodes and manage business operations.

Its product had an Intel processor and a Microsoft operating system and supports both Wi-fi and Bluetooth connections.

It trademarked the name in 2003. The application is still pending and not yet registered.

Fujitsu is thinking about how it may react to the launch of Apple’s tablet computer, saying: “As we are now sorting out the facts, we have not decided on what action we may take.”

Legal experts expect the case never to get to court. The name is not exactly creative or original and several other outfits have thought of the same thing.

Siemens uses the trademark “iPad” for small engines and motors, STMicroelectronics has reportedly also registered “IPAD”, short for “Integrated Passive and Active Devices.”