FTC lawyer sucked into Microsoft fold

If you’re a high tech company it’s important that you have offices in Washington DC, conveniently close to politicos you need to lobby.

That explains why Intel, Microsoft, Google and the rest have offices there, so they can woo and influence people with, albeit, the temporary power to cast, drop or amend laws. It is called democracy.

Democracy, of course, first came to pass in Greece but we guess the Mediterranean in those days was rich in fish and fruits, and quite warm, so people had plenty of time to philosophise and engage in other pursuits. Philosophy doesn’t seem to have sprung from the head of Zeus in the Siberian Tundra, although we at TechEye are ready to be persuaded otherwise.

No surprise then to read a report in the august Wall Street Journal that Microsoft has recruited a Federal Trade Commission lawyer to join its serried ranks. Perhaps it should have thought of that before it got itself into monopolistic bother.

The WSJ reports that Randall Long, who worked in the FTC’s Bureau of Competition, is to be a director of regulatory affairs for MegaVole. Microsoft is, of course, threatened by Google and Google is, of course, threatened with and by intelligence.

Intel and Apple are a bit more savvy than Microsoft, as the world plus its dog knows, and have already wooed away FTC people. Long, apparently, was the lead pleader investigating Google deals.

How serendipitous!