Freescale kicks off at MediaTek

Freescale is going after MediaTek, among others, accusing it of infringing on TV chip patents.

Freescale first grumbled about the patent infringement back in June, when it pointed the finger at MediaTek, Zoran and Funai at the ITC and a district court in Texas.

At the time, it asked the ITC to issue an exclusion order, as well as cease and desists against infringing ICs, chip sets and TVs containing them.  The patent in question was issued in 1995 for technology to reduce unwanted signals between integrated circuits.

After much consideration, the ITC thought Freescale had a case because it has agreed to review the claims.

MediaTek, which according to the Taiwan Economic News depends on TV chips for 10-15 percent of its revenue, is of course no stranger to patent law accusations. In May it played nicely with Mosaid Technologies and signed an agreement for licensing. 

However, it has also been on the receiving end of accusations from Rambus. Haven’t we all?

A spokesperson for MediaTek told Taiwanese press that it’s aware of the finger pointing from Freescale. She laid to rest some industry views that this will affect MediaTek`s TV-chip business in the US.

The ITC has said it will deliver the verdict within 45 days of investigation.