France creates super-patent troll

The French have decided that they no longer need to rule Europe with a Grande Armée.

Pint-sized President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is even shorter than Napoleon and has a nicer looking, very tall wife, has been looking across the pond and decided that real power does not come from the barrel of the gun, but in the courtroom. He wants France to be the biggest and best patent troll in the whole world.

Valerie Pecresse, Minister of Higher Education and Research, Eric Besson, Minister for Industry, Energy and the Digital Economy, and René Ricol, commissioner general for investment, have launched an outfit called France Patent.

France Patent’s job is be a huge Patent Troll on behalf of French inventions. It already has signed a deal with public research and development outfit the Institute for Telecom. It will work with OSEO Patents to pool their efforts to identify innovative companies holding patents to for “potential recovery”.

The French think that there is millions of Euro tied up in French inventions which are being used by filthy foreigners who can’t cook.

The idea is that it will improve the valuation of R & D public and private and help companies make a bob or two overseas.

A portfolio of patents will be made, by licensing the holders. It is possible that France Patent will buy up patents.

The fund will initially focus on computer technologies and communication, but will move onto other technologies including the aeronautics and space, chemistry and materials soon.

Pecresse said that France Patents, which can cross the public and private portfolios, will be a tremendous asset for France.