Foxconn's Gou denies staff-cut massacre

Foxconn chairman Terry Gou has his own idea of a five year plan, sources say, and that’s cutting tens of thousands of the workforce. 

The Hon Hai boss has strongly denied any staff cut rumours. It did say that it wants to “balance” its workforce, reports Digitimes, but says it doesn’t want to slash staff by as much as 50 percent.

Rumours circulated that the man whose motto is “hungry people have especially clear minds” wanted to drop workers at an aggressive rate. At the same time it allegedly wants to make staff redundant, it also plans to double its capacity. 

Eh? How can that be? Well, the problem with Foxconn’s legion of iPhone assemblers is that they keep doing irritating things like asking to be paid and leaping from tall buildings. Taskmaster  Gou has already gone on record with Xinhua about his intriguing plot to replace people with robots. 

This is called “automation”, of course, and is mentioned in Gou’s staff cut denial. 

Although Hon Hai has just roughly 10,000 machines now, the plan is for 300,000 next year. Where staff fit into that equation is unclear, unless it’s in the inevitable bloody Foxconn Human vs Robots Battle Royale. 

Even though Foxconn does have its Apple orders, the Taipei Times reports shares are slipping. If China’s Next Magazine is currect, Gou will make 350,000 people redundant over five years.