Foxconn shuts toxic plant

Foxconn has had to shut one of its “definitely not a sweatshop” plants in India after 250 workers fell mysteriously sick.

Apparently the real makers of the iPhone were a little flummoxed by the sudden illness. Suggestions that the workers had to be treated for an overdose of smugness caused by making the magical mobile telephone parts have proven unfounded.

The people of Madras are used to more solid and spicy things and something as vague and pointless as an iPhone would make many of them ill.

Having ruled out the product they were making, local authorities were investigating the possibility that it was the spraying of some insecticide.

According to the BBC  the Chennai factory was shut temporarily on Monday “to allow it to be checked and cleared by the relevant local authorities,” the company said in its statement.

The firm expects work to resume in a week’s time, it added.

Foxconn has been having a few problems with its plant in Shenzhen, China where ten people have exited the company via the roof in the last year. In China the outfit raised salaries, installed safety nets and finally moved its production somewhere cheaper to tackle the problem.