Foxconn sends lucky workers on Taiwan jolly

A select few of Chinese Foxconn staff have been given an all expenses paid trip around Taiwan.

The ‘lucky’ 216 employees from 17 provinces and 21 factories across China, will be treated to the seven day trip around the country and its landmarks courtesy of Foxconn.

According to the Taipei Times, the holiday is the brainchild of chairman Terry Gou who believes the break away will help help reduce worker stress and encourage high-performing workers.

Mr Gou’s thinking seems a huge step away to his previous work ethics. In the past he’s expressed provided some insight, including: “A harsh environment is a good thing”, “hungry people have especially clear minds”, and “work itself is a type of joy.”

More recently he was forced to apologise after he reportedly compared his workers to animals. We don’t know if the trip will include a visit to the zoo.

There have also been well publicised suicides at the company’s plants, which has caused outrage among worker rights charities. The responded by installing safety nets and offering counselling.