Foxconn riot mars Ma's reception

While we were sitting in rapt attention listening to GloFo’s attempt to wrest the foundry crown from TSMC, there was an almighty hoohah just a little way away from the press conference.

According to the Taiwan News, riot police clashed with protestors who attempted to disrupt the opening of Compusex by President Ma Ying-Jeou.

The protestors were apparently shouting “capitalists kill people” and brandishing pictures of the CEO of Foxconn, Terry Gou.

They are complaining at working conditions at factories owned by the Taiwanese giant, where the light of publicity has recently shone on suicides in mainland China.

Foxconn – part of the Hon Hai conglomerate – makes a heap of stuff including iPhones, notebooks and the rest.

The giant has over 800,000 people working for it to make kit, but the suicide rate at Foxconn is apparently less than the number of suicides in the island state of Taiwan.

The working conditions aren’t supposed to be that good, however, with people putting in long hours for not very much money at all.