Foxconn revolts in light of criticism

Foxconn’s problems seem to be going from bad to worse with heads of the group now considering their financial commitment to Taiwan.

According to, Terry Guo, chairman of the group,  is umm-ing and ahh-ing about all investment projects in Taiwan after all the publicity and criticism from the public following the mass suicides at the Shenzhen plant.  

Guo has been staying at the factories since late May to try and settle the suicide incidents and find a solution to employees discontent. In the past he suggested the company put up safety nets, introduced psychiatrists, monks, banning fun things and even upping wages. However, it now seems he’s at the end of his tether. Poor old rich Terry Gou.

Yesterday Huang Chiu-lien, chief financial officer of Hon Hai, said that Guo, in addition to other Hon Hai staff, was disappointed with the public describing the plant as the “shame of Taiwan” and a “sweatshop” leading him to question financial backing.

And he’s not the only one sulking about the way the company is being described with Shih Yen-shiang, economics minister, wading in and saying “those criticisms are a shame of Taiwan themselves.”

He said given the financial contributions of the plant, the public is being too harsh.