Foxconn plans huge factory in Henan

Foxconn, which famously came under flak after its employees in Shenzhen started leaping off very tall buildings, is planning to build a new factory in Henan Province which will house 300,000 workers, according to Taipei Times

This would make it a similar operation to its Shenzhen plant, where 300,000 workers live in dormitories and must shuttle bus in to work. However, it seems the suicides, or more specifically, the media outcry was something of a wake-up call to bosses who have just introduced a management scheme for the Shenzhen dormitories

What Foxconn calls the more “open style” will be applied to its new plant, too, say reports. So that’s a cap on the maximum overtime anyone can work, as well as guaranteeing at least one day off per week.

The basic salary will increase from 1,200 Yuan (US $177) a month to 2,000 Yuan (US $294) after three months if workers pass an employment examination.

Henan is China’s largest province by its population, with over 100 million people living there. Before Foxconn makes moves to establish its new plant, it’s thought that 100,000 workers from Henan will be picked up and packed off to Shenzhen for training.

Details are slim at the moment – it’s not clear what work will be delegated to the new plant, where exactly it would be located, or when it would begin operations. 

Just yesterday, reports DigiTimes, Foxconn Group won a contract with the Taipei City government to develop and run the operation of the Taipei Information Park, downtown Taipei, on a build-operate-transfer basis.

The joint venture between Foxconn (Hon Hai) and Pan-International will have a registered capital of NT$3.8 billion, with Hon Hai holding 80 percent and Pan-International holding 20 percent.