Foxconn makes employee's lives more miserable

The maker of Apple’s gadgets which faced a spate of suicides this year, has decided that its worker’s lives will improve if strict moral laws are enforced.

Foxconn has announced rules that ban workers from cheating on their spouses, visiting “shady” venues and engaging in activities that may be a health hazard.Workers are also required to tell the company where they are at all times

Foxconn bans workers from engaging in illegal gambling, prostitution, drugs, bribery and participating in organised crime and speculative investments.

While the organised crime thing is fair enough, gambling and having sex is about the only thing that keeps Chinese workers at the Foxconn Plant alive.

Eight rules of conduct must be followed, Foxconn said after the China Times reported a 37-year-old employee, surnamed He, charged a July 17 farewell party at a hostess bar to a work account. 

However, it is not clear how Foxconn will enforce its code, nor whether it will cause more of its employees to exit the company via the roof.

The China Times report said the wife of the employee threatened to kill herself because she suspected her husband was seeking the services of a woman while with colleagues at a hostess bar in Shenzhen, southern China. 

Foxconn’s eight employee commandments

1. Do not join organised crime gangs or activities.  

2. Do not engage in illegal gambling, prostitution or drugs.  

3. Do not engage in corruption, accept bribes, accept supplier dinners or gifts.  

4. Do not visit shady entertainment venues.  

5. Do not engage in improper male-female relations, i.e. extramarital affairs.  

6. Do not participate in speculative, illegal investments.  

7. Do not participate in activities that are bad for physical or mental health.  

8. Employees who are on duty during long public holidays, or take an overseas trip, must sign an “employee safety agreement” and inform the company of their whereabouts.