Foxconn is good, and will be good to its people, very good

It’s tried safety nets, prayers by monks and cash incentives, but now Foxconn has decided to go back to business basics.

The manufactory has now decided to splash some cash on hiring a range of staff, which it probably hopes will get labour and rights groups off its back. 

It’s put out ads on a Southern China city of Shenzhen on human resources website  for a safety and security officer – only those with a degree in in criminal investigations or legal background need apply according to the ad – as well as a lifestyle manager. According to Bloomberg the lucky employee will be responsible for conditions at the plant’s dormitories, canteens and health departments.

A further two fire chiefs who must have at least four years of related experience,and we assume a strong stomach, are also being sought after.

However, Mr Gou, CEO of Foxconn may be looking for a few more skills than college degrees. 

The fact that the company hid child labourers, exploited interns and called employees “animals”, mean slave drivers, skilled liars and PR spinners are also talents the company may not so publicly be looking for on CVs.

Late last month two workers claimed that the factory conditions at the factory had lead to them being poisoned with n-hexane, a chemical that had been used in producing iPhones in Suzhou.

Just days before, the Fair Labour Association said it had uncovered “tonnes of issues” at the plant. 

Louis Woo, chairman of Foxconn’s retail division confirmed the company was hiring but refused to elaborate.

We wonder if there’s free life insurance included in the packages.