Foxconn hires monks to stop suicides

Foxconn the contractor which makes iPhones for Apple has recruited 100 counsellors and Buddhist monks to cut the rate of suicides at its Chinese factories.

There has been a spate of suicides at the Foxconn plant because after the long hours of making Apple gear and poor living conditions, workers found they couldn’t take any more.

Of course there was also a situation where a worker threw himself off a building after he was beaten up by Foxconn security staff who were convinced that he leaked an Apple prototype to the world.

There have been at least seven employee suicides this year and the bosses are getting worried. The suicide rates at the Foxconn plants are lower than the national Chinese average, however.

Measures, which include the establishment of an “emotional support hotline” and prayers from Buddhist monks, have prevented more than 30 suicide attempts, according to the company.

We would have thought Buddhist monks would be the last people Foxconn would want on the site.

After all monks will be busy running around saying that everything is an illusion and material wealth is a waste of time. Apple says that illusion is everything and it is important to be wealthy so you can afford Jobs’ Mob’s outrageously priced gear.