Foxconn death toll for the iPad 2 increases

The cost in human lives of making Apple’s iPad 2 stands at three, following an explosion at one of controversial Foxconn’s plants.

Reports from local authorities said that the explosion which killed three and injured 15 was caused by “an explosion of combustible dust in a duct.”

An investigation said that the explosion was not deliberate. 

Foxconn is the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer and makes iPads and iPhones for Apple. Last year the outfit had to improve conditions at its plants after a string of worker suicides.

Some of the favoured Apple press has rushed out stories reassuring fans that despite the deaths, the iPad 2 remains unstoppable. It takes more than explosions, deaths and a fire to stop Foxconn’s production base of the iPad 2 in Chengdu City, China.

One rag pointed out that the assembly lines of the tablet PC have continued to churn out the gadgets for the benefit of wealthy foreigners.

The explosion happened in the part of the plant used to house coating lines and store some chemical materials.

Apparently, iPad supply chain players were extremely concerned that they would not have enough of the gadgets to sell, but Foxconn has assured them production will continue as originally planned.

In fact, Foxconn is expected to increase the proportion of total iPad 2 output at its production base in Shenzhen, southern China, according to some reports.