Founder of INQUIRER rejected as INQ news editor

An application for a news editor job at Incisive Media’s The INQUIRER was turned down because of the applicant’s inexperience.

Mike Magee, who started the INQster in 2001, applied – in all good faith,  for the job,  thinking erroneously that his former baby perhaps needed a helping hand.

But that met with an outright refusal from Incisive Media human resources. It thanked him for his interest, but said that his lack of experience disqualified him for the job.

Magee (103) told TechEye: “The INQster has turned into a different beast since I sold it to VNU four years ago. Now, it focuses on articles with gravitas and so it is completely understandable the title doesn’t need my help. Perhaps I could be the editorial assistant and open the post.”

VNU was taken over by Incisive Media some years ago.

Added Magee: “Since I left The INQUIRER some years ago, its editorial focus has completely changed – and for the better.

“This country needs respectable, responsible journalism and I am pleased that Incisive has turned that former rather irreverent rag into a real journal of record.” Bring back the Inquisitor.

Paul Hales is 63½.