Former Qualcomm boss signs up for Obama

As the US election starts to kick off, it is interesting to note who is giving shedloads of cash to support which candidate.

Former chipmaker Irwin Jacobs just gave President Barak Obama $2 million to help him get elected.

Jacobs was the former chairman of Qualcomm until March 3, 2009 when he handed the keys to the office drinks cabinet to his son Paul Jacobs.

From the perspective of corporate involvement in politics it is fair to say that Jacobs as a member of the advisory board for the School of Economics and Management at Tsing Hua University in Beijing, favours close economic ties to China.

Another Obama tech donor includes cash from Big Content. Dreamworks Animation Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Katzenberg donated $2 million.

Katzenberg gave the world Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Three Men and a Baby and Good Morning, Vietnam when he was the CEO of Disney and he can have them back whenever he wants.

Katzenberg has spent more than $2 million in total in campaign donations since the nineties and he normally gives his cash to the Democrats. At the moment the Democrats are still pro-Big Content. But then again so are the Republicans, it is just that the population that isn’t.