Former Microsoft bloke turns to selling dope

A former Microsoft executive has ditched his computer credentials and is working out how to make more Americans stoned.

Jamen Shively is following Bill Gates’ plan of making piles of dosh screwing over the world and then finishing off your incarnation with an attempt at being nice to make up for it.

Shively was a corporate strategy manager at Microsoft, which goes to explain so much of Vole’s direction and why we feel hungry if we sit at a computer too long.

His cunning plan is to create the first US national marijuana brand with cannabis he hopes to eventually import legally from Mexico. He has bought medical pot dispensaries in three US states. One state was completely wasted, the other was just giggling and the other one was lying on his bed watching the ceiling spin.

According to a very mellow Reuters report, Shively wants to become leader in both recreational and medical cannabis. He wants emulate Starbucks as the dominant name in coffee so we guess his product will be jolly expensive.

Shively quit Microsoft in 2009 and said he is now hitting investors for $10 million in hits, er start-up money.

The use, sale and possession of marijuana remains illegal in the United States under federal law. Two US states have, however, legalised recreational marijuana use and there are 18 states that allow it for medical use.

A 2005 United Nations report estimated the global marijuana trade to be valued at $142 billion.

Shively acknowledges that his business plans conflict with US federal law and are complicated by regulations in both Washington state and Colorado. In other words he is wondering how well he is driving when he is really parked.