Former Intel boss Craig Barrett tells Arizona kids they are too thick

Former Chipzilla supremo Craig “Silicon Cowboy” Barrett has told the US state of Arizona that its education system is producing people who are too dim for IT.

Barrett, who runs his own dude ranch, does not like his cowpokes to be a bit slow in the brain department.

He told legislative and business leaders that Arizona won’t be a real magnet for new business until it turns out more high school and college kids with qualifications, or at least opposable thumbs.

Barrett said the educational system in the United States and in Arizona in particular is not particularly attractive.

He said that if Intel was looking for a site to build an entirely new operation, as opposed to expanding its $10 billion presence, Arizona would not even be on the list of Top 10 choices.

Barrett was backed by Judy Wood, who runs Contact One, a small call centre. Wood said even her firm, which does not need college graduates, is having trouble finding Arizona high school graduates who can properly compose a sentence.

Governor Jan Brewer, who co-chairs the authority and listened to the criticisms, was not swayed by Barrett’s True Grit.

She has been channelling the UK way, which means cutting state aid for universities by $170 million, about 20 percent of the current state funding.

The Senate has already approved a budget which digs another $65 million into higher education funds. It also cuts about $250 million from K-12 education.

Looks like there will be an entire generation of them cruising for the fast food catering industry for the rest of their lives. But at least they will not be working for Intel.