Florian Mueller joins Oracle

One of the most quoted analysts in the reporting of the recent patent wars, Florian Mueller has just outed himself as an Oracle consultant.

Mueller has been following the various patent wars religiously and is often quoted, even by us. Although there were some who claimed that during the Motorola and Apple spat he favoured Apple, no one seriously questioned his neutrality.

Now writing in his blog he has announced that Oracle has become one of his biggest clients and will be for the long haul.

Given that the biggest court cases going on at the moment is Oracle versus Google over the Java code which may, or may not, be in Android, this makes Mueller’s commentary a little more suspect. This is especially the case as he appears to have been hired by Oracle to deal with FRAND licensing terms.

However we have to admire Mueller for being honest about it. He also says that his long-standing views on this matter are well-documented and have not changed.

“As an independent analyst and blogger, I will express only my own opinions, which cannot be attributed to any one of my diversity of clients,” he said.

Mueller claims that he often say things none of his clients would agree with.

Oracle and Mueller started talking about areas in which he could provide analysis, we thought that the Google litigation was going to be over by the time they would work together.

The trial now happens to occur pretty much at the start of this new relationship, and he will continue to cover this lawsuit in detail on this blog, especially during these eventful and interesting weeks. He said that he will not have access to confidential information.

It will be interesting to see how he is quoted and where. Or if his neutrality will be compromised by taking Oracle’s cash.