Firm yanks bras after promotion code Snafu

Here at TechEye, we love a bit of scandal. Especially scandal involving women’s underwear and social media, which is why we had a good chuckle earlier today over a particularly titillating social media snafu by US based firm, Spanx. 

Spanx, a U.S. company which manufactures footless pantyhose and other undergarments for women, apparently made quite a boob of itself when the CEO’s free bra promo code was leaked to the general public, used and abused, subsequently forcing the firm to back out, leaving countless women bra-less. 

“Dear Valued Customer, thank you for your recent order of a Bra-llelujah bra on,” reads the email received by countless bamboobzled women.

 “I would like to personally thank you for your interest and support of Spanx. Unfortunately, the LaurieAnnBra promotion code you used to receive a free bra was a code I set up only for my personal use and somehow got leaked to a large distribution.  Due to the overwhelming use of this code, we are not able to give away free bras.  We will need to cancel your order,” the distressing letter, by CEO Laurie Ann Goldman herself, continues.

Knowing that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, however, Laurie Ann had the good sense to offer a pacifier.

“To make up for any inconvenience, I’d like to extend a special opportunity to you, 30% off any order on This offer can only be redeemed through customer service at 888-806-7311 (we’ve
learned our lesson on using web codes!) and is only valid through April 4th.”

Still thinking of tricking your way into the woman’s knickers? Well, tough luck, because Laurie Ann has thwarted your evil designs:

“This offer is not for everyone.  Please be ready to provide customer service with your original order number,” she writes sternly.

In true comic genius fashion, she ends her email with “Thank you for your understanding and support,” which is just as well, seeing as her customers currently have very little in the way of, erm, support after having their bra orders yanked.

One time customer, Kimberley Pinelli Stowe, reacting to the email on her Facebook page wrote, “Seriously, those Spanx underwear were the most uncomfortable things I ever wore. They’d have to give me a free bra to get me to try it.

“Spanx needs a spanking,” she concluded.