FIFA top dog Sepp Blatter says "Oops, sorry!"

FIFA has come back to the world with its tail kind of between its legs after the disastrous referee mistakes made during last Sunday’s England vs Germany and Mexico vs Argentina matches which left fans worldwide appalled. 

Sepp Blatter, FIFA President, has at long last said that perhaps there’s a place in football for goal line technology, in the case of near-sighted and half-blind referrees such as Sunday’s. His official word is that it would be “nonsense” not to consider using the technology, but he also said that it would only be for goal line decisions and not for other potentially controversial calls like dodgy offsides, reports Reuters

“It is obvious that after the experiences so far at this World Cup it would be nonsense not to re-open the file on goal line technology,” Blatter blathered. He said that he and his cohorts would look at the technology again at the business meeting of the next law-making International Football Association Board in Wales this July.

However, goal line technology makes it far less easy to take bungs, and we think for this reason it’ll never see the light of day – not for official rulings, anyway. As a friend of TechEye’s told us last Sunday as we all – except our Scottish editor – cried into our pints: 

“The thing is, if you introduce goal line technology, it deprives us of our favourite hobby: complaining. The lack of goal line technology on Sunday’s game was a total win-win for England, especially the families who flew out to South Africa because they get to complain even more than the rest of us.”

Here’s a video of Lampard’s disallowed goal, in case anyone needed a reminder.