FBI watches Oracle and SAP case

Hacks covering the Oracle and SAP case have noticed a couple of men in black sitting at the back taking notes.

After some clever questioning, and probably several drinks, the hacks  worked out that the men were not body guards for Larry Ellison but actually members of the Untouchables.

It seems that the FBI is very interested in the case of SAP nicking software from Oracle.

In fact, law enforcement interest in the case goes back to 2007, when Oracle filed its civil lawsuit against the company. The DoJ requested documents related to the matter from SAP and its TomorrowNow subsidiary.

As recently as August SAP said there was an “ongoing investigation” by the DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation into “some facts and circumstances that are involved in this matter.”

Kyle Waldinger, an assistant U.S. attorney in San Francisco, was also circling the court room with a lean and hooded look.

However if criminal proceedings are filed it could have a big fall out for HP, whose Chairman Leo Apotheker was in charge of SAP when the scandal came to light.

HP purged its CEO Mark Hurd on moral grounds after he wined and dined a former soft porn star and then lied about it on expenses. If the FBI actually arrests Apotheker then it would be very messy for HP indeed.