FBI thinks it has cracked shooter’s Apple phone

maxresdefaultThe courtroom showdown between Department of Justice and Apple that was scheduled has been postponed and rumours are that the FBI has worked out a way to crack the iPhone and does not need Jobs’ Mob’s help any more.

The DOJ made the request after saying it may have found an alternative way into the iPhone used by Syed Farook, the gunman in the San Bernardino shooting and might not need Apple’s assistance.

After Apple had been telling the world that the phone was unhackable and that the FBI was demanding that it rewrite its operating system to do the job, a hacker apparently demonstrated to the FBI how he or she would do it.

Of course it is a lot easier than Apple claimed, and does not require any of the hoops that Apple claimed.  The hack probably just depends on exploiting one of Apple’s legendary security flaws.  The good part of this particular hacker’s work means that the FBI does not have to ask Apple again and is not obliged to tell Jobs’ mob where the hole is.

Had Apple done what it was told, it could have controlled how the FBI got the data and known exactly how to close any breach. It seems by carrying out the highly public war on the FBI, Apple has painted itself into a corner and forced the Feds to find a back door – the very thing that Apple claimed it did not want.

The senior law enforcement official said the DOJ is “cautiously optimistic” the method will work, and it will notify the results to the judge by April 5.