FBI cracks iPhone security

the-safecrackerThe FBI has successfully hacked into the iPhone used by a gunman in a mass shooting in California, ending a pitched court battle between the Obama administration and the fruity cargo cult Apple.

The government asked a federal judge to vacate a disputed order forcing Apple to help the FBI break into the iPhone, saying it was no longer necessary. The court filing in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California provided no details about how the FBI did it or who showed it how. It is likely FBI got around the problem by asking one of Apple’s own business partners , Cellebrite to use one of the many hacks it knows to break into the phone.

US magistrate Sheri Pym of California last month ordered Apple to provide the FBI with software to help it hack into Farook’s work-issued iPhone. Apple refused saying that to bypass its exquisite security it would have to write a back-doored version of its operating system which would mean that its iOS would be vulnerable in the future.

The Tame Apple Press was furious. Time magazine really could not believe that Apple’s security really was that pants when “Apple has invested millions of dollars to build into its flagship product?” The source on that last statement must have been an Apple advert, because Apple’s security is usually knocked over first in hacker conventions.

“The surprise development also punctured the temporary perception that Apple’s security might have been good enough to keep consumers’ personal information safe even from the US government — with the tremendous resources it can expend when it wants to uncover something,” moaned Time.

Apple itself has issued a statement claiming that the FBI should never have gone to court demanding its help.