Fanboys turn up to view iWatch

WatchEnthusiastic followers of the Apple cargo cult have apparently been queuing up in droves to get their mitts on Apple’s iWatch, which is available to pre-order today.

The watches, which some people have described as overpriced and underspecced, will actually go on sale in many countries on April 24th.

Reuters reported that a hundred people were queuing outside the Apple Store, Paris before it opened this morning and excited about the prospect of wearing a fashion item from the firm.

People weren’t able to reach into their capacious wallets and dole out a watch which can cost as much as $17,000 or as little as $350 for the cheapest version.

The jury is still out whether Apple’s iWatch will be the ultimate spod fashion accessory. It is the first item produced since founder Steve Jobs’ death that he had nothing to do with whatever.

To use an Apple iWatch, you have to have bought into the Cult. It only works in conjunction with an iPhone.

In addition to telling you the time, the iWatch also monitors your heart rate and it will be interesting to see what the heart rate is when putative buyers look at their credit card bill.