Fake Jobs pic tips up

A picture which claimed to show a dying Steve Jobs has been circulating on the internet as sickos try to capitalise on Fanboy fears of the death of their Messiah.

The picture was published by celebrity website TMZ, which claimed it was taken on Friday, two days after he resigned as Apple CEO.

The snap showed him clad in a black knee-length gown, supported by an unidentified man beside a car in a sunny, unknown locale.

“Leave Steve alone @TMZ. You guys are low as you can go. This is what’s called ‘journalism’ these days. Seriously disgusted,” brian-tong tweeted.

Since the announcement Apple fanboys have been striking out at any press that fails to write gushing stories about Jobs and his legacy. Any negative comments about Jobs’ legacy are been seized on as the writer being evil to a suffering cancer patent.

Given that Jobs considers himself well enough to be Apple chairman, it is unlikely that he is much sicker than he was when he appeared in public last. Who knows, it might even be that instead of going off and dying he might be doing his level best to get well again and designed that running a toymaking business for rich American kids is moving attention from where it should really be.

What is surprising was the speed at which the picture was seen by the press, and Apple fanboys in general. Apple has a history of selling its products to the content industry – no one seemed to think of checking it for the magic wand of Photoshop.

Regedit  did the obvious and found that the picture had more Photoshop technology on it than the cover of Vogue. The snap was low res to cover up the Photoshop goodness. There is evidence of warping and areas cut out.

The fact that it was believed so quickly seems to indicate that people think that once he quit as Apple CEO, his story has to end tragically now that his “purpose” ended.

We at TechEye hope he gets better and like we said a year ago, the only way he is going to do that is to stop thinking about making toys and concentrate on getting well again.