Facebook stealing Google's staff

Facebook is nicking Google’s staff. Over 10 percent of Facebook’s staff used to work for the Big G in the past, according to the New York Times.

Around 200 of Facebook’s current employees are ex-Googlers. Facebook has roughly 1,600 employees, making the infiltration, we mean, crossover around 12.5 percent. Significant, with recent talk, especially by us, of Facebook and Google set to become bitter rivals.

A few high profile Google employees have jumped ship, such as Erick Tseng, who was Senior Product Manager for Android. He’s not heading Facebook’s mobile business, which may result in a Facebook branded smartphone in the future.

So what is going on to prompt Google staff to join Facebook’s ranks? It could simply be that both companies share similar interests and are operating in the same sector, with people wanting a change of scenery. Maybe Facebook pays better. Or maybe Facebook is trying to steal Google’s staff. Or maybe Google is trying to plant spies to steal Facebook’s secrets. Or maybe we’re just throwing ideas out there.

All we know for sure is that the exodus to the social notworking site represents less than one percent of Google’s estimated 22,000 staff, and Google can really afford to lose a few people here and there when it’s rolling in such vast sums on money.