Facebook readies itself to go public

Zuckerberg’s monstrous data-farming operation Facebook is certain to become more transparent whether or not it plumps for an initial public offering. But money talks, and the company could be valued at over $100 billion for a decision which execs are rumoured to secretly agree is a no-brainer.

People who are, we’re promised, familiar with the matter have squawked to the Wall Street Journal and is suggesting a time frame between April and June 2012. The Wall Street Journal’s sources think it’s possible Facebook will raise a phenomenal $10 billion in the IPO. That has the potential to value Facebook higher than HP at over $100 billion.

There has been talk of a Facebook IPO for some time now, but deepthroats think that the company is finally ready. Chief exec, the modest, young alleged cutthroat billionaire Mark Zuckergberg hasn’t exactly rushed to go public and critics have been wondering why the company’s been so quiet on the matter for so long.

Regardless, Zuckerberg is at least mulling it over, and is reportedly considering filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission this year, says the WSJ

Privacy is something Facebook holds dear to its heart and hasn’t been enthused about posting status updates. See what we did there? But as its shareholder limit crawls closer to the SEC’s 500 limit, it will be required to make its financial position public by April 2012 anyway. So it might as well. If it leaves well alone, its books would be under public scrutiny but will lose out on the financial benefits that come with going public.

Zuckerberg’s bedroom project, if it goes for a $10 billion offering, would cement it as the highest ever proposal from any technology or internet company – totally trouncing Google’s evil empire when it secured a $1.9 billion IPO in 2004.