Facebook losing top employees

It looks as though Facebook may have to turn back to nicking staff from Google, with the news that some of its head honchos have decided to quit.

According to Business Insider, the social networking site has been dropped by director of business development, Jim Midgal. He lists his current job on LinkedIn profile as “baggage handler”. He also describes his company as “travelling.”

Marcel Laverdet, an employee who got his job by infecting Facebook with a virus that made it look like MySpace, took the plunge too.

It is thought that a number of engineers have also run away from the company in the past few weeks, meaning Facebook is secretly culling staff or is just not a great place to work.

Though Google has ranked as a great employer in various polls, that hasn’t stopped many from flocking to Facebook.

In October last year we reported that Facebook was stealing Google’s staff, with a significant 12.5 percent of all Facebook employees having previously worked with Google.

The employees Facebook has fired or lost have all been at the company for over four years. What’s all this then?