Facebook expands on its huge Oregon data centre

Facebook is set to expand on its huge data centre over in Oregon by double the size as it opens up APIs and attempts to branch out all across the web.

It’s going to add on a massive 160,000 square feet to the 147,000 square foot facility that is already being built in Prineville, Oregon. Facebook says that depending on how far it expands the company and Zuckerberg will not be afraid to increase space to accommodate more servers.

Tom Furlong, who is boss man in charge of site operations, says that already Facebook is going to go ahead with the second phase of the project as the business needs those extra servers. The recent announcement of Facebook reaching 500 million users is one of the cited reasons that Zuckerberg’s lot needed more servers. The second phase should be complete by early 2012.

The increased data centre will create 35 long term jobs. Patchett reckons on any given day there will be up to 200 workers on the site. 

ZDNet says that though Facebook has leased entire data centres before, this project is the first time it’s started from the ground up. They support huge MySQL databases which allow for a huge amount of versatile data which can be stored and modified.