External disk storage systems market goes from strength to strength

Worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues posted a year-over-year growth of 19 percent in Q3, which amounted to slightly less than $5.2 billion, according to IDC.

The Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker report found that the total disk storage systems market grew to nearly $7.0 billion in revenues, representing an 18.5 percent growth from the third quarter of 2009.

The total disk storage systems capacity shipped also reach 4,299 petabytes, growing 65.2 percent year over year.

The company said that increased investment by end users and vendors in iSCSI SAN and NAS was one factor in fuelling the overall growth, while easing budget constraints sparked take-up in FC SAN and higher end systems.

When it came to market leadership, EMC maintained its lead in the external disk storage systems market with a 26.1 percent revenue share in the third quarter. It was followed by IBM  with a 12.9 percent market share.

NetApp and HP share the third place with an average 11 percent share, while Dell brought up the rear with a 9.1 percent market share.

3PAR and Isilon, which were famously acquired by bigger brands this year, had shares of 0.8 percent and 0.75 percent respectively.

Things only get better for EMC. It maintained its leadership in the total open networked storage market with a 30 percent revenue share, followed by NetApp with a 14 percent revenue share.

Overall this market grew 26.4 percent year over year in the second quarter to $4.3 billion in revenues.

In the Open SAN market, which grew 18.5 percent year over year, EMC won out once again with a 23 percent revenue share, followed by IBM in second and HP in third with 15.5 percent and 14.3 percent shares, respectively.

In the NAS market, which grew by a huge 49.8 percent, EMC was also victorious with a 46.6 revenue share.

However, in the iSCSI SAN market, which posted a 41.4 percent revenue growth compared to the prior year’s quarter, it was Dell which picked itself up and came in top place with a  33.8 percent revenue share, followed by EMC and HP in a statistical tie for second, with 13.8 percent and 13.7 percent market shares respectively.

In the total worldwide disk storage systems market, HP and EMC finished in a tie for the top position, in terms of market share, HP having a 19.5 percent market share and EMC with a 19.4 percent market share.