Ex-SAP pharmacist outlines his HP vision

The CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP), Leo Apotheker, ex of SAP, has given an exclusive interview to the august Wall Street Journal.

He has kept very quiet since Mark Hurd was disposed of in August last year. It’s a complicated tale, but in brief Hurd fell, went to Oracle, and Apotheker was subpoenad by Larry and his gang before a case he had against SAP was settled.

Apotheker will unveil his plans for HP next month, the report said.

So what’s he going to do? The first thing he did was tell a joke about when Sweden moved from driving on the right side of the road which is left, to the wrong side of the road, which is right. Some people wanted to do it gradually, he said, while it should be done allat once.

He said that Larry Ellison was being economical with the truth when he described him as presiding over IP theft at SAP.

HP is going to spend more and more time talking about cloud computing. Oh dear. And HP is going to “fire up our innovation engine” and get products out of the door quicker.

Er, that’s it, more or less. The interview is here.