EU probes IBM on two antitrust fronts

IBM has come under investigation from the European Commission on two fronts.

The EC said that it will investigate complaints from TurboHercules and and from T3.

In March, the French authorities slapped an antitrust lawsuit on TurboHercules after the company accused IBM of limiting the bundling of its own software to mainframes. TurboHercules makes mainframe emulation software.

TurboHercules had wanted IBM to let customers use z/OS licences to use with its open source emulator. But IBM rejected that request and instead accused the company of infringing on its own intellectual property.

Now that particular probe has been widened, with the EC taking up the French complaint.

The other front IBM will have to face in Europe is that it’s alleged that it discriminates against competitors who offer mainframe maintenance.  The EC has taken up that case on its own account.

In June, Neon complained about IBM to the antitrust authorities, adding to pressure on Big Blue. IBM has been convicted of antitrust behaviour before, in a ruling that related to mainframes too. It only just got off the hook a little while ago.

No doubt the US FTC, Ballys and the Las Vegas casinos will all be looking at this case with some interest.