EU loses patience with US internet management

The EU has decided that it has had enough of the US’s management of the internet and wants the Land of the Fee fired.

The European Union will push for diminished US influence on internet governance because of “loss of confidence” in the current US-centric model.

An EU draft policy paper proposes a series of steps to globalize Internet governance functions and get the US out of it.

The US has only itself to blame, it did start to think that it ruled the world and could spy on who it liked. The recent spying scandal has made Brussels think that it is better off having someone more reliable running the Net, like Silvio Berlusconi. They did not mention Berlusconi; we are just suggesting that he might be more reliable than the US.

The paper said that large-scale surveillance and intelligence activities by the US have led to a loss of confidence in the Internet and its present governance arrangements.

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), with headquarters in California, currently oversees internet governance, including the assignment of top-level domains. The US government and ICANN have a long-standing operating agreement, but in recent years, many countries have questioned the arrangement.

Governments including Russia, China and Brazil have called for more international governance of the internet in recent years. Since last year’s revelations about broad US National Security Agency surveillance programs, Brazil has proposed to wall off its internet traffic from US networks.

What could be suggested is a world standard internet which is controlled away from the US. Eventually the US would have to buy into it, as it would be cut off from the rest of the world otherwise.