Eric Schmidt to embark on Asia tour

Ousted Google King Eric Schmidt is taking it upon himself to push the company’s Android OS in Asia.

He’s leaving his minions at home and embarking on a tour of the continent, where he will visit countries including Taiwan to talk up Google’s  operating system to potential clients.

Schmidt told Taiwanese papers yesterday that he will look to visit big brands such as
HTC and Asus to tell them how good the operating system is.  

He will also speak to contract makers such as Hon Hai and Wistron, and component suppliers, such as Mediatek and AU Optronics in a bid to show them that Android reigns over Apple.

According to Taiwan Economic News, Schmidt boasted Android had “achieved stunning success on the global markets.” He’s right there.

He claimed that the company’s global partners had helped launch 310 Android models as well as selling 400,000 products a day.

Schmidt’s round robin visit may be preaching to the choir but it will be a fun jolly regardless.