Epson 9900 wastes tons of expensive ink

history-of-print-16th-century-printing-companyIt appears that while the printer companies have been charging a fortune for ink, they have not been exactly economic with it.

Bellevue Fine Art in Seattle decided to find out exactly how much ink their high-end Epson 9900 printer wastes, and found that the number was “shedloads.”

The Epson 9900 is a professional grade printer that costs thousands of dollars. Each 700 ml ink cartridge can cost nearly $100, and a full set runs well over $1,000. Bellevue has four of them.
When ink “runs too low,” the Epson 9900 will kindly inform you that there is only 1 per cent of ink left, that it can no longer properly clean the cartridge, and that you must change cartridges.

Bellevue Fine Art wondered how much ink was left in the “empty” cartridges and took them apart.

They found that, on average, a 700 ml cartridge still contains about 100ml of ink when you are forced to replace it. Sometimes they contain 150 ml or more. For a 350 ml cartridge, 60-80 ml of ink was left.

So basically you are being asked to throw away 15-20 per cent of the ink.

Bellevue Fine Art says it has contacted Epson numerous times about this issue, but they have not been able to get anywhere with the corporation.

The printing company wrote that Epson needed to do a better job of ink measurement in their 9900 series printers.

“We throw away hundreds of dollars of ink every month.”

Looking at it from Epson’s point of view they actually have to BUY hundreds of dollars of ink to make up for the ink that Epson told them to chuck.