Enterprise SSDs to see enormous market growth

The enterprise server sector is at long last looking to solid state drives (SSDs) rather than magnetic hard drive units, says a new report from Origin Storage.  It’s predicted that the market for enterprise SSDs will grow to 4.1 million units by 2015 – up from 150,000 this year.

We can expect to see a total growth rate of 90 percent each year, with annual revenue growth of 55 percent, showing the increased  interest in the enterprise for switching to SSD harddrives. Compared to magnetic hard disk drives, SSDs offer the ability to account for more data at far lower latencies, says Origin.

The market that will drive the majority of enterprise SSD growth will be the adoption of the technology in large internet systems. Apparently there are “significant resources” being pumped into SSDs by enterprise companies, however according to Origin the enterprise SSD is still in its infancy and needs a couple kinks working out before it can reach its full market potential.

It is expected that the growth will also continue to be driven by a decline in NAND prices, a move from SLC to MLC flash and other kit being made cheaper on the whole. It is also predicted that, under threat from the SSD market, the enterprise HDD market will shrink faster than the former can grow.