Energy firm tries to crack open Hotmail account

A wind farm energy company has filed a petition with a US district court asking it to order Microsoft to give it access to a Hotmail account.

Suzlon Energy, with its HQ in Pune in India,  is engaged in a a legal case against Rajagopalan Sridhar and others in Australia. It’s alleged they fradulently milked Suzlon of money.

Suzlan image from press web siteThe lawyers for Suzlon had already petitioned Microsoft Australia to produce copies of emails, but it referred the matter to its parent company in Redmond.

Suzlon is attempting to recover AU$28,659,735.87 ($25,221,914.42)) from the defendants in the case.

Suzlon set up a shipping company business called Suzlon Infrastructure Ltd and Sridhar was a senior employee with the job title of chief manufacturing officer. It’s alleged he and a co-defendant, Sanjeev Bangad, were in charge of developing and managing the shipping business.

Suzlon alleges that Sridhar incorporated several companies which he used for receipt of funds diverted from the collection of freights. The allegation claims that Bangad and Sridhar obtained secret commissions, acted in breach of their fiduciary duties and committed fraud.